Episode 049 – Heroes on a Podcast… EPIC POWER!


Cowabunga, baby! This week’s review of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows is prefaced by scathing reviews of the 2014 reboot from myself and Justin. Despite our extremely generous scores, it is quite obvious that we loathed that film. We went into this sequel not really knowing what to expect, but safe to say we at least enjoyed this film more than the 2014 debacle. How much more? Give a listen and find out!

This week’s show kicks off with Nick’s rant about renting the comedy film Sisters, starring Amy Poehler and Tina Fey. Not that he didn’t enjoy the film, but what on Earth is with the “rental” Blu-Ray? Hollywood has and will ever be in the business of making money, but this is taking things to absurd heights. 

Last week on the show, we announced that we’d be recording our Fan Celebration 2.0 this month! I reached out to Emily from the Classy Little Podcast, who has graciously accepted and will be joining us to mediate the Q&A once again. Remember, you’ve got until June 27th to get us your questions (non-film-related only!!) for the celebration! We’d love to hear from you! You can email us at epicfilmguysny@gmail.com, find us on twitter/instagram/facebook, or call/text the Epic Film Guys hotline at 607.444.1473! 

Also this week, we’ll touch on the news of the Rogue One reshoots and we’ll briefly discuss our anticipation for the ultimate edition of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. And, Ecto-Cooler is back! Justin managed to snag some for himself, and he’ll tell you all about it as well as his once-in-a-lifetime meeting with Batman & Robin themselves. All that, plus our first-ever award for podcasting, an Archer live-action film, and John Boyega joins the cast of Pacific Rim II- but do the boys even care? 

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Outro “Far Beyond the Sun” by Yngwie Malmsteen. All Rights reserved.

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