Episode 050 – Of Valiant Orcs & Demonic Nuns


Tonight’s podcast begins on something of a somber note, as we reflect on the tragedy at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando only days ago. As we move into the show proper we ask that our audience reflect on this tragedy and to just let go of hate. There is so much hate, so much negativity in this world, and people are all too willing to arbitrarily take life over it. Enough is enough. I fear for the sanity of our collective species that any person can take or construct a weapon and murder a group of people simply because they’re different. We don’t want to politicize anything here and we’re certainly not going to touch on guns, terrorists, or the sort. We just hope and pray that everyone can find some measure of peace and love and respect and stop this absolute senselessness. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all of the family and friends of the Orlando tragedy.

With that said, we’ve certainly got a lot to cover in tonight’s show… so much that we had to bring back special guest and friend of the show, Bryan Loy from Ten Bucks a Throw! Toward the top of the show, he and Justin will give a brief review of The Conjuring 2 in Justin’s Cinema Beat, as they both had a chance to check out the horror sequel while I’ve yet to even see the first one. It also won the weekend box office with a $40 million haul domestically!

Tonight’s main event, however, will feature this week’s domestic box office runner-up, the video game-to-film adaptation Warcraft! The film crashed and burned domestically this weekend with a paltry $24 million on a sky-high $160 million budget. All is not lost for the Warcraft franchise, however, as the film has grossed nearly $300 million internationally, including a record-breaking $145 million and counting at the Chinese box office. Given this it has nearly doubled its budget already, so I expect a sequel announcement to come very soon. 

Also this week, we’ve got some updates on Fan Celebration 2.0, where we are now accepting film questions as well! Send us ALL of your questions, by any means possible- call/text the hotline at 607.444.1473, email us at epicfilmguysny@gmail.com, or find @EpicFilmGuys on twitter, instagram, and facebook. We need your submissions by June 24th in order to make the show! I’ve also got a couple surprises planned that should make for a wonderful show. 

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Intro: “Unsustainable” by Muse. All Rights reserved.

“My Gift to You” from the Warcraft Original Motion Picture Soundtrack. All Rights reserved.

Outro: “Far Beyond the Sun” by Yngwie Malmsteen. All Rights reserved.

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