Episode 057 – Epic Film Guys Unscripted!

Unscripted and uncensored is the name of the game this week at the Epic Film Guys podcast! We head into this week’s episode without any plans ahead of next week’s colossal end-of-summer-movie-season episode with Dan Brenic & Kevin Sampson. So, instead, you’ll get a little something different than you normally get from us; we’re not droning on and on about this movie or that, but we’re just having a fun movie conversation and a few beers like we did back in the day. 

Through the episode, we do touch on a few poignant items, from anniversaries for Howard the Duck and Friday the 13th Part VI, and Justin gives his thoughts on the latest entry in the Bourne franchise, Jason Bourne. We also talk about our anticipation for Suicide Squad next week and some of our hopes for the film. We’re also going to be attending a special event this Sunday, 08/07 at the Cinemark theater in Moosic, as the Epic Film Guys will see their favorite movie of all time on the big screen together- Batman ’89. How will we contain ourselves when Eckhart arrives on-screen?

Also this week, the Fanview segment returns with two fan voicemails that have us scratching our heads. The Dose of Dangerfield is back as well! 

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Check out our good friends, Wayne and Paul, on the Countdown Movie and TV reviews podcast! Find them and rate them on iTunes at https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/countdown-movie-tv-reviews/id979577413. I had the pleasure of filling in for Wayne these past few weeks, and I had a blast! Follow them on twitter @thecountdownpc. 

“Getting older sucks and is awesome, at the same time.” On the Now That I’m Older podcast, they “talk about how life is different than when we were younger, make fun of weird news, and just talk shit.” Find them at https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/now-that-im-older/id1016209833 and on twitter @ImOlderPC.

James and Emily of the Classy Little Podcast are ready to give you all the history you never knew you wanted on soft drinks, the sun, vaping, and dozens of other great topics! You can check them out and rate them at https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/classy-little-podcast/id1019422584. Follow them on twitter @classy_podcast.

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Other Tidbits:

Please take a moment and visit https://www.etsy.com/shop/thegnomeworkshop and support my friends Brian and Kim by buying their book! It is personalized with the child’s name, and is an adorable story with original artwork. Please help share the love for them! 

Intro: “Unsustainable” by Muse. All Rights reserved.

Tracks from the Batman Soundtrack by Danny Elfman. All Rights reserved.

“Pruit igoe and Prophecies” by Philip Glass from the Watchmen Soundtrack. All rights reserved.

“Man Behind the Mask” by Alice Cooper from the Friday the 13th Part VI Soundtrack. All rights reserved.

“Howard the Duck Theme” by Dolby’s Cube featuring Cherry Bomb. All rights reserved.

“Anyway You Want It” by Journey from the Caddyshack Soundtrack. All rights reserved.

Outro: “Far Beyond the Sun” by Yngwie Malmsteen. All Rights reserved.

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