Episode 062 – The Summer of Suck

This week on the Podcast:

Though we had recorded a segment some weeks back with Kevin of Picture Lock and Dan of Netflix n Swill, we actually decided to kick the “end of summer movie season” can down the road until the end of August to give ourselves a chance to round out a lackluster summer for film and hopefully see something else that might register on our list. I think the results speak for themselves, and while August was able to give us a slight improvement, the summer definitely goes to the indies and the horror flicks. Blockbusters across the board were disappointing save for Civil War, and even highly-anticipated flicks like Suicide Squad were failures in one or more respect.

This week we’ll be reviewing our biggest hits of the summer and our biggest disappointments, as well as taking your calls in Fanviews for your thoughts on the summer movie season. We’ll also revisit Dan and Kevin’s commentary from the Suicide Squad episode on the end of summer and hear what they thought.

All that, and a quick shot of Epic Previews this week as we skew more toward the awards season! We’ll be checking out trailers for American Honey, Certain Women, and Manchester By the Sea, all of which are primed to rack up some wins this awards season. I’ll also be discussing my appearance on the InSession film podcast this past weekend where we discussed our most-anticipated movies of the fall and had an engaging discussion about the best-ever year for film (in our opinion). I’ll share what my selection was, and you can weigh in on the topic as well either on Fanviews or on social media!

We’ll also be talking about some upcoming changes with the show’s format, things that myself and Justin are extremely excited about. October is just around the corner and we’ll talk briefly about some things coming down the road, from the horror challenge to our next crossover with The Countdown: Movie and TV reviews. We’ll see you at the movies!


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I had the pleasure of joining JD & Brendan on the InSession Film Podcast to talk about films coming in fall 2016, as well as our favorite years in film. Find the episode at https://soundcloud.com/insession-film/top-5-fall-films-2016-the-best-years-for-movies-episode-185, and please subscribe to the podcast on iTunes.


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Check out our good friends, Wayne and Paul, on the Countdown Movie and TV reviews podcast! Find them and rate them on iTunes at https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/countdown-movie-tv-reviews/id979577413. Paul will be joining me as a co-host ahead of our next crossover this October. Please support them and pick up some Countdown swag at http://www.redbubble.com/people/waynetangclan, and follow them on twitter @thecountdownpc.

Join JD and Brendan from the InSession Film Podcast for in-depth discussions of movies, from blockbusters down to the indies and every niche you can imagine. Subscribe to them at https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/insession-film-podcast/id605634337, and find them on twitter @InSessionFilm.

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Epic Previews…

American Honey

Written & directed by Andrea Arnold, starring Shia LaBeouf & newcomer Sasha Lane. A teenage girl with nothing to lose joins a travelling magazine sales crew, and gets caught up in a whirlwind of hard partying, law bending and young love as she criss-crosses the Midwest with a band of misfits. Winner of the Jury Prize at the Cannes Film Festival.

Manchester by the Sea

Written & directed by Kenneth Lonergan (writer of Gangs of New York, Analyze This). Stars Casey Affleck, Michelle Williams, Kyle Chandler, and Lucas Hedges. After the sudden death of Joe Chandler (Kyle Chandler), his younger brother Lee (Casey Affleck) is made legal guardian of his son Patrick (Lucas Hedges). Lee returns to his hometown and has to deal with both his separated wife Randi (Michelle Williams) and the North Shore community.

Certain Women

Written & directed by Kelly Reichardt, starring Kristen Stewart, Michelle Williams, Laura Dern, Jared Harris and Lily Gladstone. The story follows three intersecting lives across Montana: A lawyer (Laura Dern) tries to diffuse a hostage situation and calm her disgruntled client (Jared Harris), who feels slighted by a workers’ compensation settlement. A married couple (Michelle Williams and James Le Gros) breaks ground on a new home, but exposes marital fissures when they try to persuade an elderly man to sell his stockpile of sandstone. A ranch hand (Lily Gladstone) forms an attachment to a young lawyer (Kristen Stewart), who inadvertently finds herself teaching a twice-weekly adult education class, four hours from her home.

USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage

Directed by Mario Van Peebles, starring Nicolas Cage, Tom Sizemore & Thomas Jane. Cage stars as Captain McVay, the captain of the doomed WWII heavy cruiser, the USS Indianapolis. After completing its top secret mission to drop off components of the atomic bomb, the USS Indianapolis crossed the Philippine Sea without an escort. The I-58, a Japanese submarined helmed by Commander Hashimoto of the Imperial Japanese Navy, spotted them and fired six torpedoes into the ship. The USS Indianapolis sank in a matter of minutes, leaving survivors in the water for days on end, awaiting rescue.


Other Tidbits:

Please take a moment and visit https://www.etsy.com/shop/thegnomeworkshop and support my friends Brian and Kim by buying their book! It is personalized with the child’s name, and is an adorable story with original artwork. Please help share the love for them!

Intro: “Batman Theme” by Danny Elfman. All Rights reserved.

“Problems up Here” by Hans Zimmer and Junkie XL. All Rights reserved.

“Pruit igoe and Prophecies” by Philip Glass from the Watchmen Soundtrack. All rights reserved.

Outro: “Far Beyond the Sun” by Yngwie Malmsteen. All Rights reserved.


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