Win Free Stuff!

Welcome to the Epic Film Guys contest landing page! Here, you’ll find a link to all of our past and present contests, as well as ideas on where our contests might be headed in the future.

All YOU need to do to win our contests is simple- listen to the Epic Film Guys podcast!! Then, when you hear this clip, write down or remember that episode’s key word or phrase and call/text the Epic Film Guys contest line at 607.444.1473 and tell us the key word or phrase. That’s it! You are then automatically entered to win whatever prize(s) are offered that week, from UV codes for digital copies of films to gift cards, t-shirts, and more! Sorry international listeners, but shipping is currently only available for U.S. listeners.

We want to thank our sponsors for their generosity, as it is because of them we are able to do this. Keep in mind that entries must be received by the Monday following the episode’s release at 10:00 PM so we can select a winner during the next recording. Thanks so much for listening and for playing, and we’ll see you at the movies!


June 02,2016:
~ AMC Gift Card
~ Digital Download