Just 90s January Challenge – Jan 2016

In January, we challenged our listeners to watch ten nineties films! Five that you have seen, five that you haven’t! Justin might have watched a handful but I can’t be sure which ones since he never made an official list.

I did in fact make a list and watched several films, such as Snake Eyes, Pulp Fiction, Mallrats, and American Beauty, but I never did make it through all ten and thus, this month was a failure for all but one participant: Jarrod Taylor! He is one of our most active members over on our facebook page and a future podcast guest. His list is below. Thank you very much for participating Jarrod, and for suggesting the idea for this challenge in the first place.


Jarrod Taylor’s List:

01. Leon: The Professional
02. Nightmare before Christmas
03. Existenz
04. Phantoms
05. Permanent Midnight
06. Clerks
07. Pulp Fiction
08. Fight Club
09. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
10. Braveheart


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