Livestream for the Cure Prizes!

Want to know what prizes we’ve got coming for this year’s Livestream for the Cure? Check out everything you can win (and how) below! Generally speaking there are three tiers for prizes we’ll be raffling off for donors of the event:

Tier 1: $0.01 – $10.00 
Tier 2: $10.01 – $25.00
Tier 3: $25 and up

We’ll also be giving away prizes at random to our streaming audience throughout the event, either as awards for winning games or just for being randomly chosen for prizes. All donors at each qualifying tier will be entered into random drawings for available prizes throughout the event!

Digital prizes will be delivered after the end of the event.
Mailed prizes will be delivered as soon as possible after the end of the event, hopefully within 4-6 weeks.



Podbean Logo
Podbean has been the host of the Epic Film Guys podcast since 2015 when we first got started and they have been incredibly good to us over the years. EFG will never have another home! This year they’ve gone above and beyond and have generously donated ONE YEAR of FREE HOSTING on Podbean for us to give away during the Livestream for the Cure! To see all that you get by hosting with Podbean, click here. This is over a $100 value and will be a prize eligible for anyone donating at Tier 3, $25 level or higher. A huge thank you to Shannon and Podbean for this amazing prize!


Nord VPN

Nord VPN Logo
When it comes to surfing the web securely and privately, look no further than NordVPN. They have generously donated FIFTEEN (15) one-year subscriptions to the Livestream for the Cure!! To see all that you can get with this amazing subscription, click here. With NordVPN you get private and secure access to the web on Nord’s fast worldwide network of servers on multiple devices- up to six with a single account. Military-grade encryption, malware and adware protection, and Double VPN for extra online security. Most of these will be given away for Tier 3 donations of $25 or more, but some we’ll even give away FREE to our live audience! You gotta tune in to win!


EFG Stickers & Magnets!

EFG Stickers
Show your love of your favorite podcast by slapping stickers and magnets featuring all of our amazing logos everywhere! We’ll also be giving away special stickers and magnets themed featuring the artwork from this year’s event. Anyone who donates will receive stickers and magnets as our way of saying thank you, and we’ll be giving a ton away to the live audience during the show.


EFG Swag!

Want to sport some sweet EFG Swag like Michael Myers himself, James Jude Courtney? We’ll be giving some away this year during the Livestream for the Cure! Shirts this year will be donation-level prizes at the 2nd and 3rd tiers, so between $10.01 and $25 donated (or more) and you’ll get the chance to win an EFG shirt.


Podcast Partners!

Our amazing podcast partners will also be giving away a lot of prizes during their own segments! Check out some of the great prizes below you can win by donating during these segments:

Tony from Take Too Podcast will be giving away mugs and stickers!
Drew from Reel Feels Podcast will be giving away stickers, magnets, and a wood cutting of the Livestream for the Cure Logo!
The Nickscast will be giving away merchandise from the Race Against Time!
Heather of Sunshine and Powercuts will be giving away three sets of downtime dice!
George of Meanwhile at the Podcast will be giving away some trade paperbacks!
Kate of Ignorance Was Bliss will be doing a raffle and giving away a spot in an online Cards Against Humanity game!
Juliette Miranda will be giving away three Unwritable Rant Flasks!
Sean of What Does it Matter will be giving away some Captain Marvel one-sheet posters!
Julio of The Contrarians will be giving away a Basic Instinct 2 Blu-Ray (we’ll be giving away a Blu-Ray of the first movie with it!)
Steve of Everything I Learned from Movies will be giving away a free 8.5×11″ print from their Etsy store!


More prizes will be added to this list as the event draws nearer! Remember, you can make early donations as well at! Thank you very much for all of your support! Together, we can make a difference!