Livestream for the Cure

Welcome to the Livestream for the Cure landing page!

If you’ve made your way here via, then this year’s event is over! During the event, that URL will direct to either our page at the Cancer Research Institute or to a donation page. Please bookmark that URL and be sure to visit it during future events for more information!


What is the Livestream for the Cure?

Every May, the Epic Film Guys put on a charity podcasting event to raise money for the Cancer Research Institute, a wonderful organization researching Immunotherapy to provide us with a future immune to cancer. Cancer has affected us deeply here on the Epic Film Guys and we know many of our friends, family, and fellow podcasters have also been deeply affected by it as well. Therefore, we have made it our mission to put on this truly epic event every year, with 100% of the proceeds going to the Cancer Research Institute to fund their efforts to cure cancer. Dozens of other podcasters join us for games, fun discussions, and other random segments over the course of the event to drive donations to help us reach our goal.

Past Events

2017: The original Livestream for the Cure took place May 20th from Noon to Midnight EST. Our goal for the first event was $2,500. Between pre-show donations and what we raised on the air, we ended up raising $1,180. CRI matched donations made in the month of May, which put our total at around $2250 or so. We received a few post-show donations and a couple people had made donations directly to the CRI, so all told we did end up just over $2,500. We had no idea what would come of the event, and though we were very proud of what we achieved, it was a bit of a gut punch to have fallen so short of the goal we set that year without the CRI’s help. The video of the event is no longer available online, but you can hear portions of it in audio form here, here, and here.

2018: Livestream for the Cure 2.0 took place from May 18-20th over thirty hours, from 6:00 PM on the 18th to 6:00 PM on the 20th. We set a goal of $5,000 for this event, in spite of falling short the previous year, and we were determined to hit the goal. All told, including pre-show donations and what we raised on the air, we are proud to have smashed our goal and raised $5,528. CRI will once again match most of these donations, which means we’ll end up having raised nearly $11,000 for cancer research! Audio from the event will be going up throughout the second half of 2018 on Mondays on the Epic Film Guys feed, and you can see the entire event here, here, here, here, and here.

We also dedicated the final two hours of the 2018 stream to Perry and Lindsay Johnson. They are great friends of the show and had planned to be part of the event (they even bought the first merchandise from the show!), and a couple weeks before Perry was diagnosed with Stage IV stomach and esophageal cancer. They still joined us for the final 90 minutes, and we raised an additional $780 to help them with their medical and living costs in this difficult time. If you’d like to help them out, please donate at

The Future

The Livestream for the Cure will return each and every May as we continue to grow the event and work even harder to raise even more money for cancer research. Again, please bookmark and subscribe to our podcast at! Announcements for next year’s event will likely start around the end of the year, with an updated page over at the Cancer Research Institute coming in January or so.

What does the future hold? Who knows! We smashed our goal in 2018, so we have to go even bigger and even better. Right now, my leading idea is rotating some hosts and staying live for several days consecutively to raise even more money, but I’ll keep brainstorming and everything will be revealed during the Livestream for the Cure announcements to come. Thank you all so much for supporting the event, and thank you to all of the amazing people and podcasters who set aside their time and who played our audio promos or discussed the event. You are all amazing, and we love you so much more than you could ever know!!!


Epic Film Guy Nick