An Update from EFG Nick

We have discussed our Never-Seen-It November challenge in the past couple of shows, but I’m writing here now to let everyone know that the challenge is officially canceled. In terms of management- collecting the lists of those participating from across social media, etc and listing them on the website- even if we somehow streamline the process, it is simply too time-consuming for me to manage.

Truth be told I’m stretched rather thin of late, and the horror challenge has only proven to me that no good system by which to manage the list exists. That, and as much as I appreciate everyone who has taken part in the challenge- and we hope you have enjoyed your shout-outs- I feel like it is taking time away from the show and better content that we could be creating for our listeners just to read off names and lists of movies. 

I do truly apologize for anyone who was getting excited for the idea of the challenge, and if you still want to participate, then I encourage you to share what you’re watching with us via social media as you have done in the past. However, there will be no shout-outs nor website presentation for said lists, just our humble thanks for your continued support of what we do and willingness to be part of it, no matter what way that presents itself.

This coming Thursday (10/27) we’ll release our John Carpenter retrospective episode, which we recorded with Paul & Wayne from The Countdown this past weekend, and it will include everyone’s final shout-outs for the horror challenge. I’ll make one further update of the list on Halloween, just to finalize it, so if you’re participating in the horror challenge please continue to send in your picks.

Rest assured, the Epic Film Guys podcast will still drop each and every Thursday, but I’ve reached a point of physical and mental exhaustion that I just need to scale back on everything. I still have to discuss some of the finer points with Justin when we record next week’s show, and we may end up moving to a shorter mini-sode format for a few weeks while I get my plate cleaned off, participate in NaNoWriMo, and streamline what we’re doing. We’ve still got some upcoming plans for events, guest appearances, and crossovers that we’ll continue to work on as well, and hell, I’ve got a treasure trove of bloopers & unaired content that may find a home in the coming month.

In the meantime I want to thank everyone for their continued support of the Epic Film Guys podcast, and all of the content that myself, Justin, and Bryan continue to work hard to provide, podcast or otherwise. Your support, whether via listen or simple social media share, means the world to us, and is truly the lifeblood of the Epic Film Guys machine. Thank you all very much for taking a moment to read. We’ll see you at the movies.

Nicholas Haskins