Alien: Covenaptime

[Alien: Covenant] feels as if Ridley Scott did not learn the lessons of Prometheus, doubling down on the advancement of the plot purely out of character stupidity and once again serving up a muddled mish-mash of heavy-handed philosophizing with a liberal sprinkling of Alien lore.


Kong and the Cardboard Cast

While definitely set within the same universe,

viewers should not go into Kong expecting the same kind of experience Edwards delivered in 2014; this film is

drastically, dramatically different, and in some ways it is definitely not for the better.

Logan: A Flawed, but Fitting Finale

“… for any faults that can be laid at its feet, Jackman’s final outing as Wolverine is refreshing and beautiful. It doesn’t try to placate its audience by holding back with the character and, yet again, an ‘R’ rating is a great fit for a genre that seems hell-bent on delivering PG-13 popcorn fare.

Lion: A Tale of Two Movies

Sometimes, being based on a true story can really hold a film’s potential back. As a necessity to the story itself, filmmakers are forced to maintain certain elements to tell the true-to-life narrative, and when it works out to a great cinematic experience, it’s amazing. When it doesn’t, it’s somewhat sad and a huge waste […]