What’s Your Story?

With the Livestream for the Cure starting next month on May 17th, we want to know…

What’s your Story?

Our goal for the Livestream for the Cure every year is simple: to raise as much money as we can for the Cancer Research Institute, who is funding research into Immunotherapy for a future immune to all forms of cancer.

We do this because cancer has deeply affected us, and we know it has also affected many of those who might tune in and listen or take part in the event, either as a survivor, family member, friend, or someone who has lost someone to this terrible disease. The Livestream for the Cure isn’t just about the Epic Film Guys, it’s about ALL of us. That’s why we are pushing the What’s your Story? initiative, to see the faces and hear the stories of those who have also been affected by cancer and to tell everyone out there why we’re fighting so hard and why this is so important.

To submit your own story/photos, please Email Us and we’ll share your story on the air during the event. We’ll also have a slideshow playing with photos of all of those who we’re fighting for all throughout the event.

Below, you’ll see some of the stories we’ll be sharing during this year’s event. Please try to keep them to 250 words or less and be sure to attach a photo or two! Together, we can make a difference!


Who We’re Fighting For

Podcast Rob - Dad01

This is my dad, his name is Bob.

6 months before my Dad was diagnosed with cancer, I lost my mother to kidney failure brought on by diabetes after 6 years of dialysis. On April 18th, my Dad’s birthday, we got the diagnosis that he had cancer that started in his bile duct and ended up in both lobes of his liver. It was rare enough that his cancer doctor said the cancer community still isn’t sure WHY it starts in the bile ducts.

My dad did chemo for a year. Never lost his appetite, or weight, or had pain. His treatment doctor and specialist said “Whatever you’re doing, keep doing it because your numbers are great.” Then one day, his blood pressure crashed, his skin started turning yellow from jaundice. They were never able to get his pressure to normal. His kidneys failed. Two days after his pressure dropped my sister and I made the difficult decision to take him off any meds they were trying.

My dad hung on for three more days. I begged him to go… to stop fighting. To be at peace and go be with his wife cause she missed him.

I was at his side when he passed.

I still can’t look at pictures of him or talk about it without falling apart.

I miss you so much Mom and Dad, I love you.

– Podcast Rob, The Something Something ‘Cast